dipos Hybridglass
dipos Hybridglass
dipos Hybridglass

dipos Hybridglass

The so-called "bullet-proof glass" or tempered glass is based on mineral glass and is very popular as display protection. Due to the given material stiffness, even the layman can often apply them relatively easily and the high surface hardness contributes to the protection against scratches.

Unfortunately, however, these glasses tend to break relatively quickly in the edge area and in case of a fall, the display is ideally protected from damage, but often at the expense of the glass, which is accompanied by ugly cracks or splinters.

Retailers and manufacturers also face the challenge that these products are also relatively difficult to package during transport, which results in additional costs.

With this background, we, as one of the leading and most innovative suppliers in this segment, have been asked again and again whether there is not a display protection solution that can compensate for the aforementioned weaknesses.

The result is a hybrid of real glass and proven PET plastic. A symbiosis of the two materials and with the greatest possible neutralization of the respective disadvantages.

dipos hybrid glass is currently not available in Retail.

At the moment we exclusively supply commercial customers for private label, OEM and industrial applications. We would be pleased about corresponding inquiries.

  • dipos Hybridglass is extremely flexible (bendable) and does not break  & shatter on the display, especially not in the corners and around the edges (at the edges).
  • dipos Hybridglass can be applied to the device display by placing it on top of the display, thanks to its stiffness and an integrated stabilisation layer, comparable to glass.
  • dipos Hybridglass is very scratch-resistant with 9H hardness at 7.5 Newton (N) pressure (definition according to DIN EN ISO 15184) and thus passes the practical challenges.
  • dipos Hybridglass has important features such as a shock-absorbing layer, a dirt-repellent, anti-fingerprint surface coating and an antistatic coating to reduce dust inclusions during application.
  • dipos Hybridglass is cut by precision laser. This enables filigree cuts and individual productions from 1 piece and at favourable production costs.