dipos Screenprotector made in Germany

dipos Screenprotector

dipos screen protectors protect the display of mobile phones, smartphones, digital cameras, navigation systems, PDAs, mobile game consoles like Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, notebooks and many other devices from scratches and dirt.

In addition, undesirable display properties such as mirroring are minimized, e.g. with the anti-reflective display protection films.

Tank glass (tempered glass)

Tank glass is a general term for special laminated safety glass (VSG) that can withstand the effects of impact, bullets and explosives. Some dealers mistakenly refer to simple, tempered glass as bullet-proof glass. If in doubt, ask for appropriate proof, so that you can quickly expose the black sheep.

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dipos Glass Screenprotector

The difference in quality to cheap materials is enormous.

Screenprotector of the latest generation have nothing to do with what is today misused for display protection from craft films (Windowcolor), sticker films or transport protection films.

Anyone who has perhaps had bad experiences with screenprotector films in the past will be surprised at the huge differences in quality between the cheap materials offered and the display protection films of the dipos brand.

Excellent quality. Trade journal c't has tested.

Anti-reflective films were tested in the magazine c't issue no. 3 (2012).

The dipos Antireflex receives the rating "very good" for reflection reduction in the neutral test.

The complete report (in German) with all photos, background information and evaluation tables can be found at https://www.heise.de/select/ct/archiv/2012/3/seite-94.

Protects your valuable display in all circumstances.

Bubble-free application and exceptionally long durability.

All dipos screenprotectors are characterized by a particularly high surface hardness (scratch resistance, robustness), a precise cut and a quite easy, bubble-free application. dipos screenprotectors are only placed on the display and they absorb by themselves. Nerve-racking attempts to attach them with countless bubbles or distorted display images are completely unnecessary with dipos display protection films.

The materials used to produce dipos screenprotectors have proven themselves on the international market for years and are constantly being developed further. The name dipos is only given to display protection films if they meet the highest requirements and are of the best quality.

iPad Life test winner

Optimum fitting accuracy through testing on the device.

Screenprotectors from dipos are constructed using original devices and the accuracy of fit and functionality are tested on original devices. This is the only way to ensure that the screenprotector do not interfere with or hinder operation in daily use.

Due to our production method, we can create very filigree contours. Other suppliers often punch their foils and are therefore limited to very rough and simple contours.

The magazine iPadLife has tested 7 anti-reflective display foils in the issue 4-2012. The dipos Antireflex was crowned as the test winner. As the only film in the test, the accuracy of fit of the dipos display protection film was rated as incredibly good.

Screenprotector Solutions for the industry
Made in Germany

The fields of application of dipos screenprotectors are manifold. In addition to the production of screenprotectors for the consumer market, dipos screenprotectors are often also used in industry, e.g., in the form of bulk goods (i.e. without colourful individual packaging).

Manufacturers and service providers appreciate the excellent availability of custom-made screenprotector films, as it is common for tight budgets but high-quality requirements to be calculated and planned.

The processing of dipos screenprotectors is exclusively done by exact laser cutting. The cut quality is excellent and enables features such as the integration of a peel-off tab. The tolerances are in the range f (fine) of the tolerance table according to DIN ISO 2768-1.

Regardless of whether you need 1 binding production sample or 100,000 copies. We produce this within a few days - without tool costs!

If it turns out in practice that it would be better if the contour were 0.5 mm smaller, we will change this on demand - without additional costs!

All dipos screenprotectors are 100% designed, produced, and assembled in Germany. A dipos screenprotector is a real product made in Germany and not a cheat package.

We are looking forward to your request!

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Find the right screen protector for every application.

The suitable screenprotector for every application.

There are different types of dipos screenprotectors. Find out more about the different qualities and properties of the various display protection films here. In terms of quality, all display protection films are of a very high quality and equal in terms of durability, scratch resistance, application and much more. Which quality you choose depends on your requirements and personal preferences.

Perfect application of the screenprotector
- Step by step instructions with tips from the pro

In this video we show you the classic application of a screen protector.

Since 2022 we have a new generation dipos FLEX in our assortment. See for yourself how easy it is today to apply a wobbly TPU film. You can find the video below in the dipos FLEX description.