dipos Crystalclear for high-resolution displays.

dipos Crystalclear Screenprotector

The classic made of crystal clear PET.

With the proven dipos Crystalclear screenprotector you get a very high-quality product. According to unrepresentative surveys, users particularly appreciate the crystal clarity and bubble-free application.

The dipos Crystalclear screenprotector offers mechanical protection and is almost invisible when applied due to its crystal clarity.

If you attach great importance to true-to-original colour reproduction and razor-sharp lettering, but at the same time do not want to do without a screenprotector, this crystal clear and therefore almost invisible product is the best choice you can make for your device. The crystal-clear appearance does not cloud the display and does not disturb the viewing in any way.

The dipos screen protection film is for example very well suited for professional, digital photography, where it is important to get the picture as true colour as if there was no screen protection film on the display.

Mobile phones with a large, high-resolution touchscreen display such as the Apple Iphone are becoming more and more popular, and here too the user wants to enjoy the display quality as if there were no screen protector.

But the dipos Crystalclear screenprotector also masters special applications with flying colours. Skydivers wear a special measuring device on their wrist. A special edition of a screenprotector was produced to protect this measuring device from unavoidable scratches and impacts during the parachute jump.

This dipos screenprotector has proven itself as a classic

dipos Crystalclear on a smartphone
dipos Crystalclear on a smartphone

In short, whenever the best solution would be an invisible scratch protection, the dipos screenprotection film with its crystal clarity is the best choice.

The dipos Crystalclear screenprotector is very resistant to scratches with an appropriate scratch hardness. The abrasion resistance is many times higher than that of simple surface protection films. The material surface creates an excellent writing quality for touch screen devices. If the device is handled in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, this protective film will probably last the entire life of the device.

The dipos Crystalclear screenprotector nestles up against the display by itself and without pressure. The application is very easy and can be repeated as often as required. If necessary, even dust and other foreign particles can be washed off the special silicone adhesive layer with clear water. As the screenprotector is antistatic, no dust particles are attracted when the protective cover is removed.

dipos Crystalclear suitable for iPhone 14 Pro
dipos Crystalclear suitable for iPhone 14 Pro

Can be completely removed from the display

Of course, the dipos Crystalclear screenprotector must be completely removed from the display. Although the protective film adheres very well during use and thus offers an important basic requirement for long-term display protection, it can be removed from the display completely and without residue.

The contour is designed using original equipment, tested and produced with modern precision machines under strict quality control. To simplify application, each dipos screenprotector film is equipped with a special peel-off tab.