dipos screenprotector install bubble-free

Free assembly service in Rhede

Free application of every dipos screen protector film
Screenprotector of the dipos brand are among the absolute top class worldwide. However, we are aware that the best display protection film is worth nothing if it is not applied accurately and bubble-free.

That is why we offer our customers (consumers), who do not have the confidence to do this themselves, the free service of fitting every dipos display protection film 100% accurately and bubble-free.

Make an appointment by phone and visit us in our premises in Rhede, Westphalia (Germany). We would be happy to welcome you for a cup of coffee and to perfectly fit your dipos screenprotector to your device.

If you do not wish to make use of this service, we have put together some important tips and tricks for you here.

For our commercial or institutional customers, we also offer a comprehensive range of installation services. Please feel free to contact us.

Free assembly service in Rhede
Apple iPad are laminated 100% bubble-free and precisely fitting with our dipos Glass screenprotector on behalf of the customer.
Free assembly service in Rhede
After assembly, the goods are safely packed again in the original packaging and sent to the customer.
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That you are satisfied with the dipos screenprotector depends not least on the application result. Take the time to carry out the installation of the screenprotector in peace and quiet and in as dust-free an environment as possible. If the film is installed correctly, you will get an excellent result and you will enjoy your new dipos screenprotector for a very long time.

We distinguish between two types of installation:

  1. Dry Mounting
    This mounting technique is recommended for any flat display (without rounded corners) and for all types of film.
  2. Wet Mounting
    This mounting technique is recommended for curved displays and the dipos FLEX display protection film, which covers the entire display including the rounded corners.

We have created a video for each type of installation. Please take a look at it before installation and follow the illustrated installation instructions enclosed with the product.



A 1.) Check fitting accuracy and edge distances of the screenprotector.

Place the screenprotector film on the display and verify the screenprotector has the right fit from the edges. Depending on the model the film may be cut slightly smaller than the display or allows for special features of the devices. This is also because if the film was e.g. flush with the edge on a recessed display, you would not be able to lift the edge of the screenprotector and therefore would be unable to remove the film following application.

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A 2.) Clean the display before attaching the screenprotector.

Thoroughly clean the display of any dirt and dust. The Dipos screenprotectors adapt to the display virtually without any pressure and without special skills. Yet even the best material can not "magically erase" dirt or dust trapped between the film and display. Bubbles generally only appear if dirt or dust and air are trapped.

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B.) Remove the protective carrier (thin film on the underside) from the screenprotector film.

Every dipos screenprotector features a special removal tab. Using this removal tab you can remove the backing, i.e. the thin film which protects the adhesive side (backing) of the screenprotector from dirt and damage. With some models this removal tab is a decal labelled "No. 1". Lift the removal tab approx. 1/3 or about 2 cm from the screenprotector. Be sure not to touch the adhesive side.

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Fix the screenprotector on the display.

Affix the screenprotector to the display, pressing lightly. Be sure to use the optimal position on the display determined in step A 1.).

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D.) Press the screenprotector onto the display.

Now carefully and evenly press the screenprotector to the display in one side to side movement, using your finger, a credit card or a special application tool (tool for applying screenprotectors) and remove any potential air bubbles by pushing them outward. Simultaneously remove the backing from the bottom, which minimizes dust from being trapped.

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If any air bubbles remain visible following application, carefully lift off the screenprotector, remove the dirt and reapply the screenprotector. Application may be repeated several times!

The best way to remove dust between the protective film and the display is to fix and remove the dust grain with a tape strip. Please have a look at our Video.


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