Directions: bubble-free Dipos protective film application

When purchasing a Dipos screenprotector film you are receiving a premium quality product. Your satisfaction with the product not least depends on your experience with the application. Please take your time with the application and perform it in a preferably dust-free environment. Proper application will yield an excellent result and you will enjoy your new screenprotector for a long time. Please thoroughly watch our video (2 min. 39 sec.) and read these instructions prior to application!


A 1.)

Place the screenprotector film on the display and verify the screenprotector has the right fit from the edges. Depending on the model the film may be cut slightly smaller than the display or allows for special features of the devices. This is also because if the film was e.g. flush with the edge on a recessed display, you would not be able to lift the edge of the screenprotector and therefore would be unable to remove the film following application.

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A 2.)

Thoroughly clean the display of any dirt and dust. The Dipos screenprotectors adapt to the display virtually without any pressure and without special skills. Yet even the best material can not "magically erase" dirt or dust trapped between the film and display. Bubbles generally only appear if dirt or dust and air are trapped.

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Every Dipos screenprotector features a special removal tab. Using this removal tab you can remove the backing, i.e. the thin film which protects the adhesive side (backing) of the screenprotector from dirt and damage. With some models this removal tab is a decal labelled "No. 1". Lift the removal tab approx. 1/3 or about 2 cm from the screenprotector. Be sure not to touch the adhesive side.

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Affix the screenprotector to the display, pressing lightly. Be sure to use the optimal position on the display determined in step A 1.).

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Now carefully and evenly press the screenprotector to the display in one side to side movement, using your finger, a credit card or a special application tool (tool for applying screenprotectors) and remove any potential air bubbles by pushing them outward. Simultaneously remove the backing from the bottom, which minimizes dust from being trapped.

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If any air bubbles remain visible following application, carefully lift off the screenprotector, remove the dirt and reapply the screenprotector. Application may be repeated several times! A heavily soiled adhesive side can be rinsed under running water.