dipos Flex for curved displays

dipos FLEX - New Generation 2022

100% screen cover - our best screen protector for curved displays.

dipos Flex Packaging

Covers 100% of the curved display.

Adapts flexibly to the curvature of the display.

New pressure sensitive adhesive layer.

Bubbles disappear within 24 hours as if by magic.

  • Anti-Shock Screenprotector
    shock-absorbing layer
  • Crystalclear
    crystal clear, no rainbow effect
  • a perfect fit
    bubble-free, residue-free

Ideal for those who also want to protect the curvature of their display but do not want to use liquid display protectors or display protection films with aggressive adhesives.

100% of the display is protected, including the curved area.

Especially for curved displays

dipos FLEX was developed especially for curved displays and protects them completely up to the display edge.

Conventional display protection films often only cover the flat part of the display, as these films do not adhere to the curved area due to their stiffness.

Covers 100% of the display and not just the planar area.

FLEXible material for curved displays.

Due to its flexibility, dipos FLEX is softer than simple PET films or glass and adapts perfectly to the curvature of the display.

dipos FLEX adheres by means of a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer that can be removed at any time, i.e. the final adhesive force is activated by pressing the film onto the display.

The shock-absorbing, absorbent film layer reduces the risk of the display glass breaking if your device hits the edge of a table or is dropped.

Our promise to you:

  • The application is child's play.
  • Bubbles disappear within 24 hours as if by magic.
  • The display is completely protected right up to the edges.
  • The material adheres optimally and can be removed at any time without leaving any residue.

The application of a dipos FLEX is so easy, precise and bubble-free.

How-to ... by SIMPI