The right display protection for every application.

Screenprotectors overview

You will find the suitable dipos screen protector for every application here. A brief overview:

dipos display protection films - the right display protection for every application

At dipos, you can buy a suitable screen protector film for every manufacturer, such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, ZTE, Sony, RIM, HTC, Nokia, Medion, Navigon and many others, which you can apply bubble-free and as protection against scratches and fingerprints.

The protective films available here offer screen protection for touchscreens and displays and screens with a simple surface. Whether smartphone or cell phone, tablet, MacBook or laptop, smartwatch, digital camera or navi, for each device type we offer a suitable display protection and form of bulletproof glass or display film.

All display protection films have a smooth surface. The surface hardness is indicated in pencil hardness (H). The degree of hardness varies depending on the quality. Minimize the damage in case of a fall.

The accuracy of fit of the screen protectors is usually checked on original devices.

The application of all materials succeeds without bubbles. If the display is cleaned of dirt and dust before installation, no bubbles will form between the display and the device. Our materials are mounted without water. You will receive illustrated instructions and videos for each material.

We would like to give you a brief overview of what properties the individual films or bulletproof glasses have. All protective films fulfill their purpose and offer a valuable protective layer and hardness.

Crystalclear display protection films - crystal clear, almost invisible

  • dipos Crystalclear
  • dipos Glass Crystalclear - protective plastic glass
  • dipos Hybridglass
  • dipos Flex

Anti-reflective display protection films - matt, anti-reflective, especially strong protection against fingerprints

  • dipos Antireflex
  • dipos Glass Antireflex - protective glass made of plastic bulletproof glass or real glass - with a proportion of mineral glass, particularly scratch-resistant
  • dipos Hybridglass

Privacy film - privacy, the screen remains black for the person sitting next to you, low light transmission

  • dipos Secret privacy filter
  • dipos Secret privacy film

Flexible films - for curved displays 100% display coverage incl. the curved edge

  • dipos FLEX Protective Film

Buy your screenprotector in the online store The shipment will be dispatched on the same or at the latest the next working day. If you do not find a suitable screen protector film for your device, please feel free to use the chat integrated in our store and contact us.