dipos Antireflex anti-reflective coating for the display in case of light reflections

dipos Antireflex screenprotector

The classic made of matt PET.

With the proven dipos anti-reflective screenprotector film you get a high-quality premium screenprotector for resistive and capacitive display technologies. This means that you can also use this protective film for the Apple Iphone, which is far from being possible with every anti-reflective protective film without impairing or completely disturbing the operability of the touch screen.

According to unrepresentative surveys, users particularly appreciate the anti-reflective coating and bubble-free application.

The dipos Antireflex screenprotector offers mechanical protection and a reduction of disturbing light reflections.

The protective film is ideally suited for outdoor use, such as navigation in cars or on motorcycles.

Anti-reflective films were tested in the trade journal c't issue no. 3 (2012).

In a neutral test, dipos anti-reflective films received the rating "very good" for reflection reduction.

The complete report (in German) with all photos, background information and evaluation tables can be found at https://www.heise.de/select/ct/archiv/2012/3/seite-94.

Working with high-gloss notebook and tablet displays outdoors and in unfavourable light conditions is almost impossible due to the strong reflections. With the dipos Antireflex screenprotector, the display is pleasantly matt and glare is significantly reduced. This makes the dipos Antireflex screenprotector an ideal supplement for all those who are often on the move with their notebook or tablet and therefore regularly find themselves in the situation where the display is difficult to read due to unfavourable lighting conditions.

The dipos Antireflex screenprotector is available in all common inch sizes and is therefore available for all common notebooks, netbooks, subnotebooks, tablet PCs etc.

Whenever you feel disturbed by light reflections when working with a device, you should use this dipos screenprotection film.

The matt Antireflex screenprotector from dipos is also used, for example, at trade fairs or customer terminals

Left with mounted dipos Antireflex screenprotection film, right without protective film. Light reflections are reduced, the display is easier to read.
Left with mounted dipos Antireflex screenprotection film,
right without protective film. Light reflections are reduced, the display is easier to read.

We would be pleased to submit an individual offer if you are looking for a solution for individual applications. The dipos Antireflex screenprotector can be cut to any desired format and contour.

Fingerprints, which are more visible with anti-reflective coatings, can simply be wiped off the protective film with a dry cloth.

With a pencil hardness of 3H to 4H, the dipos Antireflex screenprotection film is very resistant to scratches. The abrasion resistance is many times higher than that of simple surface protection films. The material surface provides excellent writing quality and best operating characteristics for touch screen devices. If the device is handled in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, this protective film is expected to last the entire life of the device.

iPad Pro with dipos Antireflex
dipos Antireflex suitable for iPad Pro

The dipos Antireflex screenprotector snuggles up to the display by itself and without pressure. The application of the protective film is very easy and can be repeated as often as desired. If necessary, even dust and other foreign particles can be washed off the special silicone adhesive layer of the protective film with clear water. As the protective film is antistatic, no dust particles are attracted when the protective cover is removed.

Of course, the dipos Antireflex screenprotector must be completely removed from the display  .

Although the protective film adheres very well during use and thus provides an important basic requirement for long-term display protection, it can be removed from the display without leaving any residue.

The contour of the screenprotector is designed and tested using original devices and produced with modern precision machines under strict quality control. Each protective film is equipped with a special peel-off tab, making it much easier to apply.