Sources for Dipos Screenprotectors

dipos screenprotectors are available in your well stocked speciality retail store, at Amazon und at Ebay.


For commercial customers our Key Account Team is at your disposal.


Consumer Protection

Paint protective film, transport protective film or craft film (window-color foils) are often offered as screenprotector film. These materials can damage the display, interfere with the operation of your device and are often not approved as screenprotectors by the manufacturer as they are utterly unsuitable. When in doubt request a manufacturer approval from the seller and the process in case the film gums up the display, can not be removed without residue and the device becomes inoperative. 
dipos screenprotector film was specially designed to protect your display during device operation and are therefore ideal for this purpose.

Distribution partners wanted for other European countries!

dipos screenprotector film is always available for the latest devices on the market. The contours are designed in Germany using original devices and the materials meet the highest expectations. We are looking for distribution partners throughout Europe for the distribution of dipos screenprotectors who will buy a minimum of 50 units per model and 500 units per order. If you meet these requirements, we would like you to contact us.